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Discovery Center of Taipei

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Discovery center of Taipei
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Discovery Center of Taipei
About the Discovery Center of Taipei
In December 2002, the Taipei City Archives in the Administrating Building
was renamed the Discovery Center of Taipei. Taipei City Government
designated it as a modern stage for "citizens," "cities," "interactive dialogue
with visitors," and "presenting achievements of city construction. "It is
responsible for social education, the promulgation of civil politics, and the
promotion of the city. This center exhibits the city's technology, history,
humanity, art, and ecology. Through various perceptive and interactive
displays, visitors are introduced to the development of Taipei City.    

The Department of information and Tourism was set up on September
11, 2007 to incorporate elements of travel into the city tour. This made
the center more interactive. The Discovery Center of Taipei became a
luminary which shined as "the gate of Taipei" and created beautiful tourist
expectations for Taipei.    
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