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Discovery Center of Taipei

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Discovery center of Taipei
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Express City – A Relaxed Journey
A Express City – A Relaxed Journey
Taipei is a cosmopolitan city with a comprehensive mass rapid transit system and public transport network, making it a place well suited for the public to roam or travel light. Illustration artist Wan Wan, known for her MSN emoticons, has given special support by painting the theme wall–MRT lines, like the mathematical symbol for infinity “ ∞ ” symbolize Taipei’s infinite possibilities for development and tourism potential. The rich drawing composition, famille rose and bright coloring, plus the adorable comic characters will fill your Taipei trip with a sense of fun. Different comic figures also guide visitors to enjoy featured shopping districts and eat delicious night-market food. Apart from lively and interesting interactive installation projection exhibitions, visitors can view the “Celebrity Arts Hall” and “Taipei Firsts” to enjoy the beauty of the arts and a wonderful Taipei City experience.

Taipei’s Major Thoroughfares
B Taipei's Streets
If you want to explore a city, begin by reading its streets. You can feel Taipei's pulse by passing through six main roads which pass through the city's heart such as Ketagalan Boulevard, which witnessed the transition from authoritarian to democratic gathering-place; Zhongshan N. Road, which has been deeply influenced by other cultures; Zhongxiao E. Road, which provides a snapshot of Taipei's development from west to east; Dunhua N. and S. Road, a window display of finance and a green belt; Xinsheng S. Road, which has the highest concentration of churches in all of Taiwan, and Zhonghua Road, which drove the development of commerce in Ximen District. All kinds of models, photos, and interactive multimedia installations can be seen in the exhibition areas, allowing you to feast your eyes on the streets of Taipei.
New West Side Story
C New West Side Story

Ximenting was a wasteland during the Qing Dynasty. Then it was designed as recreational and Japanese housing area during the Japanese reign. The first market (present Red House in Ximen) selling Japanese groceries, was built in 1908. It became as area of movie theaters and markets. Due to several historical changes, Ximenting declined. After the construction of the MRT and commercial renovation, Ximenting became the Fashion District again.

It exemplifies the success of the Urban Renewal Project.

Cultural Capital
D The Capital of Art and Culture and Taipei's Historic Sites
Zhou Meng-die established a bookstall beneath the arcade below the Astoria Cafe and became a cultural legend in Taipei in the 1960s and '70s. The “Capital of Art and Culture” exhibition area reveals Taipei's character in the areas of literature, film, performing arts, and music. Following the city's development, many historic sites and cultural assets have been single-mindedly preserved. In the “See Taipei's Historic Sites” exhibition area, you can see all kinds of splendid historic sites which depict the life stories of Taipei in each era.

Ecological City
E Ecological City and Hiking Trials
The two ecological trees in the exhibition area are made of dried plants endemic to Taipei. The Mudskipper, Fiddler Crab and Taipei Tree Frog are hidden in the green world of Taipei, waiting for you to find them. There are five large mountain ranges in Taipei, and the public can experience Taipei's fine scenery through a multitude of hiking trails, and get a bird's-eye view of Taipei's metropolitan scenery from up high. What's more, there is also planning pertaining to eco-friendly and water-friendly imagery. As time flows by, the Tamsui River has taken on the additional tourism and leisure travel functions, the boats on the “blue highway” an echo of the myriad sails which came and went in a previous era.
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