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Discovery center of Taipei
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4F City Discovery Hall MAP

Old Taipei City
F Old Taipei City
Three hundred years ago, the "Taipei" recorded in the Small Sea Travel Diaries was a lake. The Kedagalan people of the 17th century lived there by hunting. In the 18th century, the Ming and Yue peoples came to the Taipei Basin and developed Sanshi Street along the Tamsui River. They built Taipei City in 1875 and wrote a new history for Taipei. The Japanese Army tore down the city gate in 1895. Through all these events, Taipei City has retained its original atmosphere.

Stories of the City
G Stories of the City
In the Exhibition Hall, one sees an overlapped capital model and old Taipei city map. The "Internal City" was surrounded by four roads. The five gates were the biggest in Taiwan and were the symbols for the capital. They have been either torn down or reconstructed now. Only the North Gate remains and has become a firstrate cultural site. The tablet still tells the history of the old city.

The Tamsui River
H The Tamsui River

Every great city is formed by a mother river. The Dahan, Xindian, and Keelung Rivers converge to form the 158 km Tamsui River which is the mother river of Taipei.

It experienced several changes due to sedimentation from erupting volcanoes, the encroachment of the sea, and the movement of the earth’s crust. The Pinpu and Han Chinese peoples have left their traces upon the land here. As a result of river transportation, commercial ports such as Bangka and Dadaocheng were established. Products such as rice, cane sugar, tea and camphor have been delivered to the rest of the world via this river.

Life Outside the City
I Life Outside the City
"First Hu, second Lu, third Bangka" describes the three big cities during the 18th century. The past prosperity of Bangka is still seen in Taipei First Old Street called "Sweet Potato Street", the Longshan Temple, the Academy and the Frontier Pass. "Ding Xia Fighting" happened in 1853 and changed development in Taipei. It led to the development of the commercial center of Dadaocheng. The culture of the common people can still be seen on the Street of Foreign Buildings, Guide St., and Dihua St. where various products such as tea, herbs, and cloth are gathered and traded.

The City’s Many Faces
J The City’s Many Faces

Taipei is a city of multiple immigrants including the Dutch, the Han Chinese of the Qing Dynasty, the Japanese and other nationalities. In the modernization of Taiwan, progressive thinking, the performing arts, music, literature, movies, and songs all originated in Taipei. Foreign missionaries and explorers have left their masterpieces here. Taipei has integrated and contained different groups and cultures like the varied waters mixed in the sea.

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