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Discovery Center of Taipei

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Discovery center of Taipei
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K Discovery Theater

The "treasure" within the Discovery Center of Taipei is the 360 square meter Discovery Theater with its rotating screen. It is different from other theaters because it is an anthropocentric and dynamic theater reflecting daily life. The rotating screen, concrete models, twelve solid projectors, and special music and light generate a unique and futuristic vision.

A series of films "The Taipei Story - The Occurrence of Taipei, City Life, Fascinating Taipei, and Moments in Taipei" is regularly played in the theater. High-tech and artistic enjoyment leads audiences through the past, present, and future of Taipei.

These 4 films are scheduled to play from Tuesday to Sunday at 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30. This schedule may be subject to change and any changes will be announced on site.

Discovery Theater
The Occurrence of Taipei
(film length: 18 minutes)
The first part of the Taipei Story is the History. Orogenic movement about 2.5 million years ago formed the Taipei Basin. Due to shifts in the earth's crust, the Taipei Basin became the Kangxi Taipei Lake 300 hundred years ago. The prehistory cultures were the Dabenkeng, Xuntangbu, Zhishanyan, Yuanshan, and Botanic Garden Cultures. Natural evolution, ancestor veneration, history, and culture have formed today's Taipei.

Discovery Theater
City Life
(film length: 15 minutes)
The second part of the Taipei Story is the City Life. One typical day in Taipei begins in the noisy day market. The MRT takes people to every corner of the city. The city awakes. Different people, places, and life styles form the Rich Taipei Life Map. Through the representation of various people's daily lives, this film leads audiences to experience the multiplicity of Taipei life.

Discovery Theater
Fascinating Taipei
(film length: 15 minutes)
The last part of the Taipei Story is the Splendor. "Dear, I come to a beautiful and rich city. I wish you are here, too…" The affectionate postcard expresses the traveler's emotion and describes a wonderful Taipei environment. The traveler in Taipei delivers the city's splendor to his friends far away.

Discovery Theater
Moments in Taipei
(film length: 18 minutes)
A new interpretation is presented by using the perspective of micro-film, with players in various roles shuttling across the screen and across four generations of time, skimming over the surface of nearly a hundred years of history. Combined with the splendid 360-degree amphitheater experience, the scene settings and Taipei’s architectural lights and shadows explore the deep place in people’s hearts where there are no borders, language, or cultural barriers. The characters present the best of times in Taipei, leading the audience on an exploration of the city’s changing faces and styles through different eras.
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